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Kings Builders Limited


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Kings Builders Limited

Kings Builders Limited is a multi-disciplinary construction company founded in the year 2009 initially registered as Class IV in both Building and Civil works Category.
Through its excellent and strong leadership, with a well-tailored and experienced management and technical team, and with a well mentored support staff, Kings Builders Limited experienced a very fast growth such that within its first two years of existence, it was elevated to Class 1 Building and Civil works category by the Contractors Registration Board as well as being awarded as the Best emerging contractor. This was in the year 2011.
As we are in a continuous transformation process, we at Kings Builders Limited are directing our efforts towards becoming one of the largest and leading Construction Companies in the Region.

Madale – Midizini
Plot No. 37436
P. O. BOx 6009 DSM
HQ / Main Yard
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Tel/Fax : (+255) 22 2647965