Top Brazil Serie D Predictions

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Top Brazil Serie D Predictions

The Brazil Serie D league is underway, as 64 teams are battling for the opportunity to move up to the Serie C. This is an exciting league that offers plenty of great action, and if you are looking to get in on the Serie D league, here is some information you need to know that will help you to enjoy watching and betting on one of the most enjoyable leagues in South America.

Brazil Serie D Season Preview

While no team from the Brazil Serie D is going to be competing in the World Cup, that does not mean that there is no great action. This league has been providing fans with an exciting opportunity to enjoy quality soccer from across Brazil for over a decade now, making it one of the most recognizable leagues in the country.

How is Brazilian football run? What is the Brazilian Serie D?

There are 64 teams that compete in the Serie D. This league first began in 2009, as a split off from Serie C. The top 20 clubs remained in the Serie C, with the other 40 dropping to the new Serie D, considered a level IV league.

Since then, the league has expanded to as many as 68 teams in 2016, however, 64 clubs are competing in 2022. The league has eight groups, with the top four teams advancing to the playoff rounds. The winner of the championship moves up to the Serie C. It is exciting action that has drawn football fans from across the country

Top Teams and Key Players in Brazil Serie D

At the time of this publishing, teams had played three games. Just four clubs had earned victories in every one of the games played, including two from Group A1, Amazonas and Porto Velho. Retro, playing in Group A3, and ASA, in Group A4, also earned victories in each competition played to this point.


While these teams are at the top of their groups, it should be noted that no club has dominated the Serie D. The fact that the top club moved up to level III has made it so that there have been no repeat champions in the 13-year history of the league. This has helped to make the action even more exciting, as all markets feel like they have a shot at winning once the season gets underway.


Taking a look at the football statistics, Henrique Michel das Chagas leads Serie D with four goals. Six players are tied for second with three goals each.

Where to find betting odds for the Brazilian Serie D?

If you are looking for great Brazil Serie D predictions, there are some great websites that offer the latest on the Serie D. By visiting these sites, you can find great analysis and betting tips for each team, including odds, results, and statistics. You can also receive a quality football prediction for each of the games in the league.


While giving you great information on each football match in Serie D, you can also receive great information, live scores, and detailed analysis of football leagues from across the globe. This will help you to place wagers on any soccer league, even proving itself to be one of the best betting sites in Tanzania. It does not matter where on the globe you are looking for information, these sites have the football info you need to make the right pick.

Top tips and predictions for Brazilian Serie D

If you want to have the right result when placing a wager on a football match, then you need good tips and information that can help you to make the right bets. Here is some valuable info that should help you.

Best Defending Teams

Through the first three games of the season, a few teams have really dominated defensively. It is not surprising that two of these teams are 3-0-0 through the first three games, as both have scored six goals while not allowing a tally. Each has a point total of nine early on. Amazonas FC and Retro FC Brazil have yet to yield a goal while scoring six, and Cailandia EC has four goals and has not allowed a tally so far.

Worst Defending Teams

On the other end of the spectrum, URT has allowed 12 goals while not scoring one so far. Not surprisingly, they are 0-0-3. Tuna Luso is another club that was winless so far, scoring one goal while allowing nine.

Best Attacking Teams

While one has to like the performances of Amazonas FC and Retro FC Brasil, the best attacking team to this point has been Fluminense EC, who has scored 10 goals in their first three games. They have allowed so far, but their +6 goal differential is tied for the top mark in Serie D.

Worst Attacking Teams

URT is not only the worst defending team in the Serie D, but they are the worst attacking one as well, they have yet to score a goal while giving up 12. Crato EC has also failed to score a goal, but has earned a 0-0 draw in one of their three games.

Top Scorers

Henrique Michel das Chagas is the top goal scorer to this point, netting four goals. Six players are tied for second with three goals apiece.

How to bet on Brazil Serie D picks?

Because the top teams move out of the Serie D each year, it is to your advantage to pay attention to these early contests, as they will reveal a lot about who is the team to bet on. When looking for smart picks, you want to pay attention to how successful teams are in shutting opponents down. The ones who are playing better defensively are the teams that are more likely to win contests.


For example, Afogados and ADRC Icasa have only scored two goals each, but they have only allowed a single goal. That has helped both clubs to a 2-0-1 mark, as playing a strong defensive effort has enabled them to win two of their first three games. This is the primary stat you want to pay attention to.

What are the best betting markets for Brazil Serie D

If you are looking for the best chance to place a wager on the Serie D or you are looking for betting companies in Tanzania, then you need to visit some of the best Brazilian betting sites. Not only do they provide great analysis on each match, but also provide information on where you can place a wager.

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