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Dealer Jobs at Africa Princess Casino

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1.To lead number of table games, including blackjack,craps,keno,poker,roulette and others while assisting customers with game related needs.

2.Distribute cars,dice,chips and other equipment to patrons according to the table game and monitor returned equipment for any tempering.

3.Provide information about the rules of the game and observe players for appropriate activity while at the table.

4.Interact with floor supervisor to share concerns and information as well as any misconduct or suspiciouus behavior during the course of game play.

5.Exchange money for chips and collect chips for loosing bets and direct winning patrons to cashier at end of gaming session for payout.

6.Monitor game pace and play while maintaining a positive and fun environment for patrons.

7.Prepare any end-of-shift reports,book keeping and other administrative duties as determined by supervisors and tidy area for next dealer.

8.Keep record of the bet amount accurately and collect bets from losers and pay bets to winners appropriately.

9.Create enjoyable and fun atmosphere by attending to players needs politely.

10.Adhere to company policies and federal and state regulations for smooth operations.

11.Perform technical and functional gaming duties as per the regulation of the casino management.


1.Experience 2 years and above.

2.English is a must.

3.Female are highly encourage to apply.


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