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Call For Expression of Interest by Qualified Suppliers/Vendors at QC Tanzania

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About Qatar Charity

A group of Qatari philanthropists, alarmed by the rising number of children orphaned by wars and conflicts in neighboring countries, came together to form a community initiative called “The Committee of Qatar for Orphan Sponsorship”. Eight years later, an international NGO was set up under the name “Qatar Charity” to scale up the initiative, broaden its range of activities and augment its outreach,
Almost four decades later, Qatar Charity has grown to become one of the largest humanitarian and development organizations in the world, providing life-saving assistance to those hit by conflicts, persecution and natural disasters and creating durable solutions for poverty using sustainable development programs in social welfare, water and sanitation, education, nutrition and economic empowerment.
Today, with field offices in 40 countries and implementing partners in 20 others, we are at the forefront of global response to emergencies, and on the foreground of development solutions that help vulnerable communities become more resilient and ultimately thrive and prosper.
Throughout the past five years, Qatar Charity reached 29 million people through large scale humanitarian and development projects with a total cost of 1.2 billion US Dollars.

Call For Expression of Interest by Qualified Suppliers/Vendors at QC Tanzania


Qatar Charity- Tanzania Office has published a Call for Expression of Interest (C.E.I.) with an aim to establish a list of vendors valid for 2-4 years from the date of dispatch of the Official Journal Notice below.

What is the C.E.I.? Call for expression of interest (CEI) serve to invite economic operators to put themselves forward as candidates in advance of a public procurement operation by a contracting authority. It can be seen as a way of generating shortlists which may be used many times for many different procurement procedures.


The purpose of this call is to provide Qatar Charity- Tanzania with a list of vendors who may be invited to provide offers for different goods items and services and any other future initiative.

Closing date for submission:

The list of vendors is valid up to two to four years from the date of dispatch of the Notice. Applications may be submitted at any time during the validity of this announcement, and the list would be updated on annual manner.

Expression of Interest Along with requested documents shall be submitted on following dedicated email address:

Email subject should be clearly marked “Expression of Interest-Local Suppliers/Vendors
Last date to receive applications is 30 November 2022.

Ready to apply?

Candidates interested to apply are invited to submit an application in accordance with the rules set out in the contract notice for the purpose specified. Both legal and natural persons may apply.

Before applying read this document:

Notice of Call for expression of Interest


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Form B

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