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Why it is Important to Turn Off Your Phone at Night

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Why it is Important to turn off your Phone at Night

Why it is Important to turn off your Phone at Night. It is true that our phones are being used constantly 24 hours a day, for weeks, even for months. However doing this is not very good, not only for you, but for the environment and to the phone itself.

If you are still asking yourself or wondering if it is important to turn off your phone? The answer is yes, it is important at least once , at night time.

Do you know why ? here are the reasons :-

1.It’s Safer for You

We use various programs all the time on the phone, some of them use a lot of space when you use them. There is temporary data stored on your phone due to you using a certain app, maybe Instagram, Facebook, etc.
By turning off your phone, you will get rid of the temporary data stored on your phone and make the phone faster.

2. Reduces radiation

Our phones radiation even when we are not using them as long as they are turned on. The level of radiation needed on the phone is still a subject matter which is inconclusive, even though experts advise turning off your phone to reduce exposure.

Turning off the phone will ensure the radiation levels go down to zero , while if you use flight mode the levels do not go down at all , because the phone still operates, therefor just turn off the phone, especially when sleep with the phone close by you.

3. It helps the phone battery to charge faster

When you turn off your phone, the battery receives the charge very quickly, researchers say that the battery is charged faster when the phone is turned off than when it is on, which helps to improve the strength of your battery to last longer.

4. You remove the existing problems in your apps

Turning off the phone helps to improve your apps, to remove existing problems in your apps. Maybe you see that your apps have stopped working like in the beginning. That is, you find that it is getting slow to open. Also, sometimes you have done an update, but the apps are still misbehaving, develop the habit of turning off your phone.

5. It removes stress

Do we really need to answer sms, receive calls all the time? There are times when we have to reduce stress from our phones by turning them off and leaving them away from them even if only for a while.

You know that spending too much time on the phone can sometimes cause you stress as well as other health issues.


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