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Transport Manager at CVPeople Tanzania

Job Overview

Transport Manager

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania | Posted on 11/03/2022


  • Manage the operational relationship with the Suppliers
  • Receive the instructions from the internal clients : cargo delivery or collection
  • In case of new business support the Front office by providing transport rates
  • Inform the client (internal or external) of delivery/collection status
  • Alert the client in case of operational issue (potential or real)
  • Ensure (together with QHSE) that pre-approved transporters are fully compliant with company’s procedures and policies
  • Ensure that all transport relationship is governed by a signed and valid contract
  • Organize periodic tender in order to secure rates on a mid-long terms period.
  • Transport Manager at CVPeople Tanzania

Drive the deliveries and the container collection

  • Based on received cargo delivery/ collection requests, execute the plans and ensure cargo delivery/pick-up
  • Organize and control the transport documentation transmission; delivery proof to IFF and interchange to COLOG team
  • Work in synergy with the export Department and the shipping lines in order to ensure a minimum delivery of empty containers on ALTZ2 / Export CFS.
  • Create, implement and monitor a proper round trip system on transit (Import bringing back export)

Monitor the quality of service

  • Organize the quality of service monitoring and ensure a proper follow-up of KPI as agreed with the suppliers
  • Liaise with QHSE for audit recommended actions implementation

Control the costs

  • Benchmark approved transport rate with the market every quarter to ensure that the company obtains the best rates.
  • Optimize trip planning to increase efficiency and improve profitability
  • Make sure loading orders are in place for all Dept

Alert/Inform Management

  • Report any operational issues (including cargo) to IFF, MOM and QHSE (where applicable)
  • Alert N+1 in case of significant operational issue
  • Create a data base of all transporters on the market (with fleet details etc..)
  • Monitor the C-28 license issuance every year
  • Use and monitor the “transport calculator” file in order to assess the actual costs per trip beard on each leg by transporters.


  • Transport procurement list to be updated and submitted to HQ on a monthly basis
    Transport order list to be fulfilled


  • Record >90% of all transport operations through Link
    Submit (with the support of the Regional CBS) weekly statistics on the completeness and freshness of the use of Link per Dept.
  • Create, develop and monitor the team in order to meet the objectives on Link

Knowledge and Experience

  • At least 10 years’ experience in transport
  • At least 5 years’ experience as a manager
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Good use of email
  • Excellent communicator


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