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RFP – Rapid Assessment of The Tanzania Temperature Monitoring Capabilities For Vaccines at USAID Global Tanzania

Job Overview

RFP – Rapid Assessment of The Tanzania Temperature Monitoring Capabilities For Vaccines at USAID Global Tanzania

September 2022

Request for Proposal (RFP)


The government of Tanzania through the Immunization and Vaccines Development (IVD) program among other interventions, has been working to retain maximum potency of COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines by ensuring safe temperature ranges are maintained throughout the supply chain. The safe temperature ranges may vary from vaccine to vaccine but it should not exceed the manufacturer specifications. The IVD program has installed temperature devices/indicators and trained health care workers who monitor these devices on a regular basis for deviation from the established standards. Similarly, the IVD program has developed the Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS) to manage all vaccine logistics and information and installed cold chain storage facilities at different levels of the vaccine supply chain system. Furthermore, with the emergency of the COVID 19 pandemic, the need to further strengthen the vaccine supply chain management has come to the spotlight as an opportunity area to ensure continued effective service delivery to clients.

In this regard, IVD is collaborating with The USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program Technical Assistance – Tanzania (GHSC-TA-TZ) to conduct an assessment of the Tanzania temperature monitoring capabilities for vaccine storage and distribution from the central level to the health facility level. The findings and recommendations from this assessment will inform the IVD program on required interventions around temperature monitoring capabilities to support the COVID-19 vaccination initiative as well as other vaccines.

RFP – Rapid Assessment of The Tanzania Temperature Monitoring Capabilities For Vaccines at USAID Global Tanzania


The purpose of the rapid assessment is to assess and identify the areas of improvement based on current temperature monitoring capabilities for vaccines including COVID-19 during storage and distribution.


  1. To develop a list of health facilities with functional temperature monitoring devices for COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines according to the set standards.
  2. To identify bottlenecks and enablers to improve temperature monitoring for COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines following the surge of COVID-19 vaccines moving through the supply chain.
  3. To identify current reporting mechanisms for non-functional/breakdown of temperature devices/indicators and existing response mechanisms.
  4. To provide recommendations on areas of improvement on capabilities for temperature monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines.


The contractor for this work will:

  1. Schedule and conduct planning and meetings with IVD, GHSC-TA-TZ and other key vaccine stakeholders as needed
  2. Develop and present an inception report
  3. Develop and present a plan of conducting the assessment with timelines
  4. Conduct desk review of reports on previous work on temperature monitoring capacity for vaccines
  5. Develop methods and tools for assessment on current vaccine temperature monitoring capacities for central regions, districts and facilities of the vaccines` supply chain system warehouses, including the introduction of COVID 19 vaccines and anticipated program expansion
  6. Orient data collectors on the developed assessment tools
  7. Conduct data collection and analysis
  8. Present preliminary findings to stakeholders
  9. Prepare final assessment report with recommendations


  1. The assessment report outlining findings accomplished and recommendations regarding improvement of vaccine temperature monitoring
  2. PowerPoint presentation of the assessment report

Qualifications and attributes required:

Applicants for this consultancy should be Tanzanian nationals or lawful residents/institutions that possess the following minimum qualifications and can provide documentation showcasing capabilities and past experience:

  1. Demonstrated technical capabilities
    -Be a qualified professional or firm with a team comprised of qualified experts with a demonstrated track record in vaccines supply chain management or other related cold chain systems
    -Extensive experience of working to establish requirements and implement temperature monitoring systems for vaccines ‘cold chain systems
  2. Demonstrated project management and communications capabilities

-Demonstrated experience leading conducting and supporting similar projects
-Strong experience managing projects of this scope and size, including meeting deadlines and managing risks
-Experience in planning and executing communications efforts in support of projects of this scope and size
-Be able to participate and lead in-person workshop(s) and conduct presentations
-Excellent verbal and written English and Swahili
Proposal Submission and Timelines

  • All submissions should be sent to Vicent Manyilizu [email protected] with cc to Bwiro Magesa [email protected], and James Bagoka [email protected]
  • Bid submissions have to be submitted by September 23rd, 2022 17:00 EAT.
  • All quotes have to be valid for a period of 60 calendar days.
  • All cost proposals should be broken down by description/type, hours, hourly rates, and deliverables.
  • The work is expected to start once the contract is signed by the contractor.
  • The duration of the contract is expected to be 35 work days. All work should be completed within the contract duration.
  • We expect work to commence in October 2022.
  • All proposals should be priced/quoted according to days and deliverables.
  • All proposals should include references and contacts of institutions for which the bidder performed a similar assignment
  • Examples of past work are required and should be shown when needed

Selection Criteria

  • Past experience working with cold chain system commodities, particularly vaccines
  • References checks
  • Quality of proposal
  • Pricing

Background Documents
Please contact Vicent Manyilizu [email protected] for further clarifications.

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