How to Bet and Win: Tips From Top Gamblers in Africa

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In order for bettors to make a successful and winning ticket, players from Africa shared their secrets in the field of sports betting.

Coupon type selection

Making a bet or coupon is the first and most important thing a bettor faces. Since there are several types of coupons, it is worth figuring out in which cases it is worth using one or another. And tips to become a successful gambler from professional bettors in Africa can help with this.

The simplest type of bet is a bet on a single event or single. Most often, experienced bettors use this bet when guessing statistical outcomes – for example, the number of free kicks or cards in a match. Also, the single is suitable for outcomes with high odds, since in this case, the risk of losing potential winnings may be less.
The second and most popular type of bet is an accumulator. Its essence is to add several outcomes from various sporting events, the coefficients of which are multiplied among themselves. Thus, the bettor can receive wins tens, if not hundreds, of times higher than the size of the bet. Simple outcomes with low-medium odds are best suited for this, which in the end will give a good multiplier.
And the last, but not the least important type of bet is the system. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the bettor can choose the number of events in which the bet will play. For example, choosing a system of 2 out of 4, if at least 2 outcomes are guessed, the bet will be winning. This allows you to play it safe in case the bettor is not completely sure about the effectiveness of the outcome.

Relationship between odds and outcomes

Now, bettors have an understanding of how coupon types work. However, before placing a bet, it is worth understanding how the odds work and how they are determined for each outcome.
Each of the outcomes has an individual coefficient, which is calculated from the statistical data and the probability that it will be guessed. For example, if the first team has previously beaten the second and shows a higher level of play, the chance that this outcome will be correct is higher. Accordingly, the coefficient, in this case, will be low, since the chances of guessing are high, however, the guarantee of winning is also higher. For bettors who focus on general indicators, simple bets in a single bet and their combinations in an express bet are ideal.

For bettors who study statistical data, bets can be suitable in which you can guess several outcomes at once (for example, the victory of the first team and total goals) and combine them in an express or in a system. As a result, you can take a risk with great confidence or hedge with the help of the system. A good option for using statistical and complex outcomes is the live game mode, thanks to which bettors can monitor the situation on the field and the behavior of the players. Such tips from experienced gamblers can significantly increase the chance of winning when betting on sports.


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