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About Us

Affordable Computers & Technology for Tanzania (ACTT) is dedicated to building an effective and sustainable business that benefits Tanzanian society by supporting ICT within schools and by offering ICT training to marginalized youths. Specifically, ACTT supplies low-cost, new and refurbished computers and peripherals to Tanzanian schools. ACTT also provides computer maintenance and repairs, environmentally-friendly disposal of PCs and peripherals, and ICT training services. By supporting the set-up of sustainable computer labs within educational institutions, and by providing computer maintenance skills to young Tanzanians, ACTT plays an important role in empowering vulnerable youths.

To date, ACTT has trained over 30,000 students in basic ICT skills and supported over 150 educational institutions in setting up sustainable computer labs, thereby providing limitless learning opportunities and general information access. ACTT’s goal is to support at least 30 new schools each year for the next 5 years.

ACTT’s mission:
To run a successful social enterprise that is an effective and sustainable business model generating social good in the form of school support programs and ICT training courses to aid the development of the marginalized in our society..

ACTT’s vision:
An empowered, ICT knowledgeable community that effectively utilizes ICT resources and tools and plays a key role in national development.

ACTT’s objectives:
To generate a 10% gross profit margin annually.
To continue to support the establishment and upkeep of sustainable computer labs in educational institutions within Tanzania, while also serving the public at large and increasing the awareness of policymakers and the public to the potential of ICT in Tanzania’s development.
To run as a business that also provides opportunities to youths (especially vulnerable youths and organizations working with vulnerable youths) to gain ICT skills and workplace experience that will increase their employability in the ICT sector.

ACTT’s teams:
ACTT’s Processing & Maintenance team ensures that all PCs and related items are processed, refurbished to optimal performance, and delivered to destination. The team also follows up on the performance of ACTT PCs on maintenance contracts offering repair services on demand.

ACTT’s Training team can provide a variety of ICT training courses run by experienced and qualified trainers. These include ACTT school programs, group training at institutions, and individual training at ACTTs Moshi classes. The team is mobile and well-equipped to promote ICT in Tanzania.

ACTT’s Sales & Marketing team perform market research to procure high-quality products to meet the sales needs of ACTT’s varied client portfolio, and they conduct awareness seminars and IT exhibitions to promote sustainable computer programs in Tanzania’s schools.