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Top Career Myths That Keep you From Enjoying Your Job

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Top career myths that keep you from enjoying your job

Most of the inhabitants of the planet experience depression every Sunday at the mere thought that tomorrow they have to go to work again. And on Mondays, many people like to post funny pictures on social networks with the inscription “Monday is a hard day.” However, this is not an entirely correct approach, and the stereotype that one must suffer at work is fundamentally wrong. The average person really has a lot of negative attitudes in the brain that work is difficult, bad, and generally terrible. However, many people chose a job to their liking, therefore, as Confucius said, they would not have to work a single day in their lives. If, after all, your work is not the ultimate dream, then you can try to at least start thinking a little differently. In this article, we will talk about the main myths that do not allow you to enjoy your work.

Myth #1: We work to survive

The most obvious attitude from childhood is imposed on us by society. We all somehow grew up in the paradigm “I can’t through it”, “bite the teeth and endure it”. We were taught to step over our desires for the sake of standards. The problem lies precisely in the fact that due to the fact that in childhood we were constantly repeated “it is necessary”, it was with this approach that we entered adulthood. Therefore, you need to break away from all your affairs for at least a minute and ask yourself: “Why am I here at all?” After all, if you think about it, then in the office we spend almost half of our lives. Therefore, it is very important to understand that we should first of all get pleasure from work, and only then money. And there are always many other sources of getting money – for example, betting at 22Bet Tanzania

Myth #2: If I find my purpose, then everything will be great

Another common limiting attitude is the belief in a one and only calling. Because of it, our brain begins to divide everything into right and wrong, thereby limiting us. There is no such instance in the world that magically predicts your life’s work for you. It depends only on you and your decisions. And in order for them to become correct, you need to make an effort. The main thing is to remember that everything depends on you. In addition, you do not need to limit yourself to only one job for life – if you want to try something new, change your field of activity or even move to another country – you need to do it. Do not think that once you choose one profession, you will not be able to choose something else later. Every person has the right to try new things, look for something better and change everything in his life as he wants, regardless of the opinion of his family or others.

Myth #3: If I don’t enjoy my job, then I choose the wrong job

Many people mistakenly believe that a dream job is one where there are no problems and stress. However, in reality, this is not at all the case. Even if your job is a dream job, sooner or later you will still encounter stress, because working with other people stress cannot be avoided. All people are different – that’s why we all react differently to certain circumstances and give different reactions to those around us. In many respects because of this, conflicts and misunderstandings occur. We are all people, and we cannot program ourselves for one joyful emotion. We are alive and we get tired – this is normal. It is normal to get annoyed, angry, and sometimes even despair and experience other negative emotions. This does not mean that every time we get frustrated with work or experience stress, we need to change jobs. You just need to be able to relax, switch and take a break from work in time.

The ideal job is not one where everything is easy, but one where you can discover your strengths and find the motivation to develop further.

Myth #4: Careers are only for ambitious people who want to start their own business

You don’t have to aspire to a managerial position or start your own business to experience job satisfaction. A career is simply a blueprint for how you would like to see your work life going forward. Ambitions are different for all people, therefore, in order to get realization, someone needs to become a leader, and someone will simply need to perform tasks under the guidance of another person. Some want to travel and work in a cozy cafe somewhere in Europe, while others dream of a chic office in New York and a beautiful business card with an honorary position. Everyone chooses what he likes and suits best.

Myth #5: There comes an age when it’s too late to change

Young professionals are often told that they have little experience and it is not yet time to change something and move on. And mature people often have an attitude in their heads that they are already late, so it makes no sense to change anything in life. It is important to understand here that the only thing you cannot influence is age, everything else is quite fixable. You can always change your profession if you don’t like it, learn something new, update your resume or move your life to another country. It is important to feel yourself and your needs and not be guided by the opinion of society. After all, work takes up most of our lives – therefore, it is important that it brings pleasure to you, and not to someone from the outside.

Myth #6: Career and family can’t be combined

Many people are convinced that the only way to achieve success in your career is by sacrificing everything you have. Many decide not to start a family and children until they achieve some success in their work, and someone, on the contrary, leaves work in order to start a family. Indeed, a career is a very important part of our life, but far from the only one. It is impossible to live, giving yourself to only one thing. This will lead to burnout rather than success. Therefore, it is important to devote time to different areas of life. You need to be able to combine work, family, friends, and hobbies, develop, travel, and enjoy life.

All of the above myths are certain attitudes that have existed in our society for many decades in a row. And it depends only on us whether we will pay attention to these stereotypes and live according to someone else’s rules or not. If you want to change something in your life, you don’t need to look at the opinion of society and do what others want. You need to do what only you want – but at the same time, change something in life, it is important to think through these changes and prepare in advance for the consequences that these changes can bring.

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