National Census to be Conducted For Seven Days

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Dar es Salaam. Census Commissioner, former Speaker of the National Assembly Anne Makinda has allayed worries among Tanzanians who fear that they might miss out on being counted as the country conducts the national population and housing census, saying the exercise will go on for seven days.

She called on Tanzanians to be patient, assuring those who will not meet the clerks today will have a chance to do so before the lapse of the seven days.

Ms Makinda was speaking at a media briefing accompanied by officials from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) who went to the State House in Dodoma to record data from the President, Samia Suluhu Hassan in the official opening of the nationwide exercise.

“We have started today, the exercise will continue for seven days. We expect the clerks to reach 15 percent of the target on the first day. As such, we ask that citizens who will not be reached today, to remain calm,” she said, adding;
“It’s not a must that you have to be counted today, there are still more days left for the exercise.”

The former Speaker asked everyone to be well prepared with important information, including details for the national ID (Nida) and phone numbers for clerks to call and ask for some verification.



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