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Job Overview

General Manager  

TimeDar es Salaam
Puma Energy
Puma Energy is a Swiss multinational mid- and downstream oil company, majority-owned by Swiss company Trafigura.

Main Purpose:

Lead, direct, and control the activities of a single business unit and all of the ongoing operations within that unit/area/entity in one country so that this part of the organization achieves its short and long term financial and operating objectives as set by the overall corporate business plan.


  • Establish and oversee budgets, plans, policies, and programs that will effectively implement the business strategies and objectives set by the Board, and parent company.
  • Liaise with other business units and country heads across the whole organization to ensure that the strategies and activities of the company’s business units are integrated with other parts of the business and are aligned with the overall corporate objectives.
  • Liaise with local managers of the business lines to ensure the highest growth and profitability (EBITDA) in line with regional objectives.
  • Assist leading the regional management team to deliver results as per objectives set up by business line managers.
  • Ensure the compliance with the company’s principles, policies and local laws. Set, and monitor the performance of the business unit against standards and targets in areas such as manufacturing and administration efficiency, and human resource management.
  • Monitor competitive environment of the business unit to identify threats and opportunities and develop business plans to address them.
  • Act as country representative and official spokesman to Government, relevant stake holders and trade associations in the country of operations and represent the company’s interest maintaining good relationships with such.
  • Act as legal representative. Liaise/follow up with local legal counsels on legal cases against/for the company in the country.
  • Maximize storage business line in the country.
  • Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop a team of managers to ensure that the company’s strategy is implemented effectively, consistently and according to established guidelines and budgets.


  • 10-15 years of experience in the petroleum business, leading and management training, and rotation on the different segments.
  • Preferable with more weight on the commercial side.
  • Crisis management and public relations training/experience is preferred.
  • Undergraduate University Degree in Business, Commerce, Management or other related field of study that provide a good fundament for this role.


  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point).
  • Bilingual: English and + (local national language).


  • Great written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work with diverse workforce.
  • High integrity, strong “team” oriented executive that hires ‘A’ players.
  • Ability to recognize employees’ strengths, embrace and empower them.
  • Ability to draw on a broad network of relevant industry contacts.
  • Actively develops people, removes or reassigns under performers.
  • Ethical and honest, passionate and energetic.
  • Well organized and disciplined.
  • Ability to perform successfully under pressure.


Highly intelligent. Strong strategic thinker.
Creative and innovative.
Passionate about the business.
Ability to set and strong desire to achieve high standards.

Key Relationships:

Internal – Business units and country heads
External – Government, attorneys



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