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Fire Marshal -10 at CVPeople Tanzania

Job Overview

Fire Marshal -10 at CVPeople Tanzania

Fire Marshal -10 at CVPeople Tanzania

Fire Marshal -10 at CVPeople Tanzania

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Fire Marshal – 10

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Posted on 05/29/2023


  • Develop plans and implement comprehensive fire prevention, suppression, inspection, training and general education programs.
  • Respond to fire and rescue alerts. Makes high-level strategic and tactical decisions for firefighting and rescue methods and directs the work of all units with regard to fire mitigation, lifesaving and property protection.
  • Manage daily rescue operations.
  • Directs and trains the fire departments on firefighting methods and related topics; grant and gives advice to the subordinates.
  • Develop and implement objectives, targets, policies and priorities for the given area of responsibility.
  • Determine resource needs; recommend and implement policy actions.
  • Assist annual operation budget, and plan for independent service requirements; conducting research and preparing reports on a variety of related topics; and recommendations for improvement of the general procedures and operations of the department head.
  • Responsible for ordering station supplies, truck maintenance, building maintenance and other rotating related facilities as per the departments’ purchase policies.
  • Trains and evaluates the assigned staff member; provides or coordinates company-wide employee training; and work with the employee to correct shortcomings; and carry out the procedures of compliance and termination of service.
  • Develop an action plan for the allocated programs. Meet with the employee to identify and solve problems; designation of work activities and projects; watching work flow.
  • Review and evaluate work products, methods and procedures.
  • Identify opportunities to improve service delivery methods and procedures.
  • Coordinates specific activities with those of other departments, agencies and external organizations; prepare and submit employee reports and other correspondence.
  • Develop fire exercise plans for the various facilities and strategic buildings of the hospital.
  • Plan checks for various buildings, fire protection and fire alarm systems to ensure compliance with firefighting laws applicable fires.

Knowledge and Experience

  • As a minimum, a high diploma in fire technology.
  • The following accreditations: NFPA 1033, 1031, 1001, 472, 1021, 1041, and 1006.
  • Extensive knowledge of NFPA standards related to healthcare facilities.
  • Good in the English language, both verbally and in writing.
  • Good in the use of the computer or using Microsoft programs.
  • The ability to work with others at all levels of their institutional job.
  • Good in verbal and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of basic management skills.
  • Has the ability to investigate accidents, analyze them and recommend corrective actions to avoid their recurrence.
  • Has the ability to plan strategic and tactical operations in order to minimize losses and fires to a minimum.
  • Has the ability to manage fire suppression, hazardous materials and/or rescue operations.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A valid driver’s license for a firefighting and fire prevention employees.

The qualifications must be approved by the following institutions:

A. International Fire Services Accreditation Council (IFSAC).
B. National Organization for the Protection of Fire (NFPA)

14- Age does not exceed 50 years


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