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Fastlink Safaris LTD


About Us

Fastlink Safaris LTD

Who we are
Fastlink is a modern, purely Tanzania Company dealing with air Ticketing Agency Services and Ground Handling Operations and hotel reservations as well as providing quality services for holidays or business trips. Furthermore, Fastlink provides a large number of options for any additional provision you may need during your trip. Our aim is to meet your expectations along with high quality and personalized services, reliability and flexibility, in accordance with the best rates.

Fastlink was first established in the year 2014 by qualified professionals with more than five years of experience in the tourism industry. Holding places, people and customs through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels, fine restaurants and other key vendors.

We are a fully licensed agency categorized as class A tour agency and ground handling operations as well. Locally we are serving Air Tanzania in three regions as General Sales Agency for Air Tickets and Cargo Sales.

Our trained staff has extensive experience in the tourism industry and has attended numerous seminars in order to serve you the way you deserve. We excel in our passion to serve the traveller and we are happy to advise you on the best possible option that will make your trip more comfortable. We have established excellent working relationships with a huge network of suppliers around the world, whom we often visit in order to ensure the quality of their services.

The state-of-the-art technologic equipment, consistency and reliability, combined with a deep knowledge of the tourism industry and our enthusiasm differentiates us from other agencies.

You can call us or visit our office anytime to inform you about our activities. Alternatively, a person in charge of the Public Relations department of our company could visit you in order to plan together with your personal or corporate trip. With us, you can choose the program that perfectly matches your needs and habits and personalize it according to your requirements, as extravagant as they may be.

Management Team
The business is driven by one director and two managers; collectively they accumulated more than 4 years of work experience in the Airline Industry. They are involved in the business development, procurement and administration of the company.

The management team proactively gathers feedback, identifies changes in business environment, review work processes and communicates key learning points and company policy to all staff at regular meetings.